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The jobs that most people are currently doing are expected to become obsolete or automated over the next 10-15 years.  McKinsey Global Institute found that as much as 375 million workers could lose their job worldwide.

Equip yourself with the skills you need today to meet the challenges of tomorrow

A BCI Education is designed to prepare individuals for success in the rapidly evolving job market.

Using our competency-based education (CBE) system you focus your efforts, not only on gaining knowledge but on developing the skills & competencies needed for success in the 21st Century.

Education Incubators

Innovation and entrepreneurship aren’t just about starting companies; it is a way of thinking and viewing the world.

Our Education Incubators are the intersection of education, technology, and innovation.   All our programs teach you to innovate, create, and discover your potential. 

While you work in an Incubator, you learn, collaborate, design, plan, code and build with your teammates and in so doing develop the 21st Century competencies needed to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Why the British Canadian Institute?

employability focused

From the first day of a BCI program, we work with you to build your own personal brand and digital identity through your LinkedIn profile, social media presence, resumes, and ensuring you are ready to take on freelance work within the first few months of the program.



All BCI programs are built around a micro-credentials that allow you to build an education, with the skill set you need for the jobs that you want in the region of the world that you will work. 

co- located learning

Remote working is the future of the modern workplace and we immerse you in the kind of environment that builds the skills you need for success in your future employment.  Working and collaborating in the digital world will be crucial to success in the modern workplace.


career support

We have detailed skills and competency assessments that will provide clients with an assessment of what jobs they qualify for and the additional training that they can access to fill any gaps in their resume.


education incubators

 We bring the real world into the classroom, by making the real world, the classroom.   You learn in Education Incubators, which are ‘Augmented Work Environments’.   you gain real skills by building real software products for, and with, our tech company partners.  

Personalized Capstone Projects

We have detailed skills and competency assessments that provide our students with an assessment  of both hard and soft skills of what jobs they qualify for and the additional training that they can access to fill any gaps in their resume.

After graduation take the option to spend 4-months testing your product in a different country

optional – global semester program

become a global citizen

Launch your startup

build your team

The future of education

our story

As technological innovation drives exponential growth in the sciences the physical, digital and biological worlds continue to merge impacting all disciplines, economies, and industries.

we believe curiosity, innovative thinking and a deep grasp of technology will be critical to achieving great feats of science in the future

As technology advances and our scientific capabilities grow, we will be within reach of solving some of the world’s most challenging global problems.