About Us


Innovating innovation

We are a team of educators, scientists, innovators and techies with extensive experience working in innovation and change making roles in both small and large organizations.

Mission Statement

To create the next generation of pioneers, trailblazers, innovators, and change-makers


To cultivate individuals who possess the knowledge, skills, strength of character, creativity, and drive to impact the world around them.


To prepare individuals for success in a dynamic economy characterized by complexity, unpredictability, global connectedness, change, and opportunity.






As technological innovation drives exponential growth in the sciences the physical, digital and biological worlds continue to merge impacting all disciplines, economies, and industries.  As technology advances and our scientific capabilities grow, we will be within reach of solving some of the world’s most challenging global problems. 


Dr Mark Weyers

Chief Innovation Officer

Mark has had a long and successful career implementing institutional innovation.  He leads the innovation process within BCI by identifying strategies, business opportunities and new technologies for startups in order to develop new products and capabilities.

Dr James MacAskill

Chief Operating Officer

Jamie is a creative and innovative transition manager working in both private and public sectors. His wealth of strategic experience complements his entrepreneurial drive in transition or start-up roles. He is a founding member of the IIAD Global team.

Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EiR)

Carmen Reis

Financial Strategist

Carmen is a co-founder of several companies and works with the team to identify market opportunities and develop external partnerships to grow the organization. With a background in consulting, finance and analysis she is an expert in business planning, market analysis and research.

James Ling

Technology Strategist

Ana Golobic

Accounting & Administration

Ana works with the team to execute the financial strategy and grant funding.   She worked for 15 years as a corporate executive in the Olympic Movement serving as Vice President of Finance and as the Executive Director of Festivals and Events Ontario operating under the Ontario Ministry of Tourism.

Neil James

Business Development – Sales – Venture Funding

Neil advises on corporate strategy, sales & marketing growth and venture funding.  He has experience in early-stage investments & partnerships and collaborations in various industry verticals & growth markets.  He is an agent for a large corporate who seeks global merger & acquisition opportunities.

Craig Oliphant

Digital Marketing 

Craig is a cofounder of NorthIQ, and has extensive experience in both startups and corporations, implementing successful marketing strategies that include email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), conversion optimization, sales alignment, and paid digital media .

Lina Manuel-Majzoub

Digital Marketing
Lina is a Professor of Marketing and Digital Strategist with extensive experience in eCommerce and growth marketing tactics.  She has a long track record of executing successful marketing strategies using online analytics (Google Analytics), target marketing strategy, branding, and social media campaigns and revenue analysis.

Brian Garside

Marketing Automation
Brian is the President of Digital Marketing at NorthIQ, where he has over two decades of experience building everything from eCommerce sites to some of Canada’s largest media properties demonstrating his successful experience building amazing sales and marketing tools that enable business growth.

Meet the Advisory Board

Supporting early stage entrepreneurs and the next generation of pioneers, trailblazers, innovators, and change-makers.


Preparing individuals for success in a dynamic economy characterized by complexity, unpredictability, global connectedness, change, and opportunity.


A digital ecosystem of techies, innovators and entrepreneurs who believe that changing the world and moving humankind forward is everyone’s responsibility.


Attracting and developing high quality global talent for the Canadian tech and entrepreneurial ecosystems.