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Canadian Talent Accelerator
Canadian Talent Accelerator
Client Brief

The global pandemic has highlighted the current lack of support structures and networked community for early stage entrepreneurs in this and possibly other regions. The client wanted to build a dynamic networking site with an integrated App.  The site would provide bespoke content about innovation space and how it works.  Associated with the site will be a range of resources and information coming into the innovation space related to freelancing, job opportunities, latest publications in the innovation and entrepreneurship as well as delivering insights into the regional start-up business space.


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How the Client brief was interpreted and tasked

The client’s specification brief was translated into six Project Stories and tasked over 3 weeks.  The Lead Developer ran agile meetings each morning at 10am.  Each Story was tasked to ensure completion by each team member on time.  The morning meetings reviewed if team members needed assistance with research or learning a new technical skill.  The Afternoon meetings were a quick review of daily tasks and their completion as a platform for setting the next stage for work to be completed before the next morning meeting.

Development Framework

The BCI Agile Development Process included the following stages:

  1. User Research
  2. Design Thinking
  3. Requirements Specification
  4. User Stories
  5. Sandbox Development (Research & Testing Site)
  6. Development Site
  7. Production Site


Delivery team

The delivery teams were geographically distributed.  Therefore, there was some degree of flexibility provided when tasked to ensure project co-incidence was not affected in Canada and China.

The Development Team was responsible for the:

  1. Delivery of a project plan, including time estimates.
  2. Trello User Story Board
  3. Implemented digital marketing strategy
  4. Production site(s) with a domain name
  5. Final presentation of the solution

Asynchronous Communication (Slack Communication)

Embracing asynchronous communication channels like email, Slack, google doc comments, and recorded videos of Zoom meetings allowed a dynamic and continuous flow of information sharing.

Results-Based Tracking (Trello User Stories)

In terms of team and individual productivity there was a strong focus on results, such as deliverables and their continuous professional development needs. This enabled participants to prove their productivity, with or without supervision.