Advisory Board & Coaches

The BCI Institute coaches and mentors have a huge range of knowledge, skills and abilities and come from both Industry and Academia.

Advisory Board

Davin Juusola

SVP Growth at Info-Tech Research Group and McLean & Company

Shawn Flick


VP, Portfolio Manager & Financial Planner, BMO Nesbitt Burns


David Bilson


CEO at rTraction


Ashley Wagler


VP Sales, Info-Tech Research Group



Ryan Price


Blockchain Coach


Taras Zubyak

Web Development Coach

Kumaran Ragunathan

Web Developer Coach


Anthony Picciuto



Michael Brawn


Web Developer Coach


Tyler Bryden

Growth Marketing Specialist


Ramanpreet Singh

Web Developer Coach


Shaimaa Ali

Software Development Coach


Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EiR)

Brian Garside

Founder - NorthIQ

Prof. Dr. Abhijit Ganguly

Chartered Manager FCMI,Knowledge Specialist, Corporate Trainer & MBA Professor

Craig Oliphant

Partner & Digital Strategist - NorthIQ

Greg Matthison

Serial Entrepreneur

Our Partners


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We want high quality affordable education for all.  So, we are working to bridge the gap between industry and education by fostering partnerships and collaborations.  Such partnerships will allow us to offer schools and educators access to innovative curriculum without the significant costs.

 If you are an agent, educator or institution please feel free to contact us to discuss partnership opportunities

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Preparing individuals for success in a dynamic economy characterized by complexity, unpredictability, global connectedness, change, and opportunity.


A digital ecosystem of techies, innovators and entrepreneurs who believe that changing the world and moving humankind forward is everyone’s responsibility.


Attracting and developing high quality global talent for the Canadian tech and entrepreneurial ecosystems.